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Peppers Heat Index

Chilli Pepper Hotness scale is rated from 1 to 10
1 is the mildest and 10 is the hottest

* Ancho Pepper (3) The Ancho pepper is a dried Poblano chilli. This pepper is fairly mild with a sweet earthly flavor of liquorice, coffee and raisins. Use in mole, enchilada sauces, tamaJes and stews.

* Arbol Pepper (8) The Arbol pepper has a fiery scorching heat. Use in flavoring oils and vinegars.

* Chipotle Pepper (6) The Chipotle is a dried smoked jalapeno. It has a smoky sweet nutty flavor with a hint of chocolate. Add to soups, stews and casseroles.

* Diablo (9) Diablo is the Spanish word for Devil "Hot as the devil" Use on rice and in salsas.

* Guajillo Pepper (3) The Guajillo pepper is fairly mild with a sweet taste Use in salsas, chilli sauces, soups and stews.

* Habanero Pepper (10) The Habanero has a fruity flavor of coconut and papaya. It is one of the hottest chillis you can get. They come in all colors and are used in salsas and chutneys.

* Jalapeno Peppers (5) The Jalapeno pepper is used m all sorts of Mexican dishes and is also good stuffed with cheese grilled or BBQ'd.

* Nu Mex Green Pepper (4) The Nu Mex green chilli is of medium heat with a sweet earthy flavor. Used in stews, sauces, salsas.

* Nu Mex Red Pepper (3) The Nu Mex red pepper is also known as the Colorado Chilli. The dried version has a earthly sweet and fruity taste. Use in red sauces, or stews.

* Pasilla Pepper (4) The Pasilla pepper is dark brown with a hint of liquorice. Use in all sauces.

* Pequin (9) The Pequin pepper is extremely hot. The heat is great yet diminishes quickly. Use in soup, boiled peas and beans.

* Poblano Pepper (5) The Poblano pepper can be medium to hot in flavor. It has a smoky flavor and is used in most Mexican dishes.

* Serrano Pepper (7) The Serrano Pepper is a blistering heat. Use in chilli sauces and sauces. Good mixed with fresh vegetables used as a dip and or on meat, poultry, seafood and egg dishes.

* Mesquite Smoked Salt (0) This salt is smoked with Mesquite. No heat just a good flavor on all meats.

* Hickory Smoked Salt (0) This salt is smoked with Hickory. No heat but very good on BBQ'd foods and anytime you want the flavor of hickory.

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