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Spicy Seasoning Salts for Daring Palates

Whether you enjoy tasty bold flavors or hair-raising heat, your dishes will benefit from an all-in-one seasoning. And here at Dave's Jalapeno Salt, we offer delicious varieties of spices such as Smoked Jalapeno, Chipotle Smoked Garlic, and Orange Habanero Chipotle that make amazing BBQ dry rubs, popcorn toppings, and bloody mary mix. Dave has been kind enough to list the types of hot peppers and their heat levels, so take a look and decide which salt right is for you. If you can't make up your mind try our 3 pack of jalapeno salts and tingle your taste buds!

Make good food better with jalapeno seasoning salt from DavesJalapenoSalt.com today!

Jalapeno Salts & Other Porducts

Jalapeno Salts & Other Porducts

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Chipotle Garlic (SKU: 4160)
Garlic Jalapeno
Green Apple Jalapeno
Green Jalapeno Smoked
Mesquite Smoked Salt
Mild Jalapeno
Orange Habanero Chipotle Smoked
Smoked Jalapeno